Escort Phone Sex

Escort Phonesex

Hello, men. I am Sumiya, an Indian phone sex girl who now lives in the US. My life is much different now that I’m here.

For instance, when I was still in India, I was an orphan who mostly lived in the streets. I did a lot of dirty things, including having sex with men for money. I am glad I do not have to do those things anymore, but sometimes, those stories make for very good roleplays on the phone with you men who call me.

I was not exactly an escort in Mumbai. There were not such things in the section where I lived. But I know enough of being a whore that I can create an excellent escort phone sex roleplay for those of you who are interested in such things.

Wouldn’t you like an Indian slut of your very own to play with? I will do anything I can to please you!

All you need to do is give me a call for some taboo phone sex, and we will make it happen together. Nobody can give you what you need like I can, baby.

US and Canadian callers dial: 1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)

UK callers dial: 0-808-101-2271

Mommy Phone Sex

Mommy Phonesex

Hi there, boys! I am Mommy Cynthia. I know you’ve been looking for that perfect no limits phone sex fantasy, haven’t you? Well, don’t worry. I have a great one in mind for the two of us. ;)

Well, obviously, I am a MILF. And as you probably already know, the word “MILF” stands for “Mom I’d Like to Fuck.” I happen to think that the “Mom” part of that equation is pretty sexy. Don’t you?

In fact, I’d like to propose a naughty Mommy phone sex fantasy for the two of us to play out together. What do you think?

I don’t care if you want to be Mommy’s little adult baby, Mommy’s little schoolboy, or Mommy’s sexy grown-up boy. Any of those make for a great roleplay, and that’s what we’re here for, after all, isn’t it?

Mommy will teach you the kinds of things that no one else in the world will. I will show you lots of naughty, dirty things and some surprisingly sweet and intimate ones as well. That’s because Mommy knows exactly what her boys need, so she will gladly give it to them with a smile on her face!

No one knows you as well as I do, and nobody is in such a perfect position to teach you the things you need to know. That’s why I am taking it upon myself to show you these things.

I know you must be dying for taboo phone sex with Mommy, so I’m going to stop talking here so that you can call me. I can’t wait to hear your voice!

US and Canadian callers dial: 1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)

UK callers dial: 0-808-101-2271

Teen Phone Sex

Teen Phonesex

Heya, boys! How are you today? I hope you’re having a great fall ’cause I sure am!

My fall’s been going great for two reasons. One, I just got initiated into a sorority at my college, which was something I’ve always wanted to do! And two, your cheap phone sex calls, of course! :D

I totally just started doing this phone sex thing when I moved out of my parents’ house. I mean, I definitely don’t need Daddy finding out what I’m doing to make extra $$$ for the weekends. He thinks I’m working at the mall or something. But what I’m doing is way, way more fun than that! LOL!

I’m roleplaying with a lot of dirty men who love to get naughty with a sexy teen girl like me. Actually, speaking of roleplay, why don’t we pretend like YOU’RE my Daddy, and you catch me doing phonesex calls? Then, you could, like, spank me or something. An incest roleplay like that sounds amazing! ;)

There are a ton of other hot things you can do with this teen phone sex girl, too. It’s all in what turns you on.

So why don’t you give me a call? I bet we can come up with something that’ll get both of us off! All you have to do is dial the number below and ask for me, Tessa. :)

US and Canadian callers dial: 1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)

UK callers dial: 0-808-101-2271

Incest Phone Sex

Incest Phonesex

Hey, guys. I’m Kandis, and I like it really dirty. I think you know what I’m talking about.

Oh, yeah, I’m the girl who’ll do things that the other girls won’t. I’m the girl who’ll do things the other girls haven’t even thought of yet! That’s how nasty I am. So what do you say you and me get together for some hardcore no limits phone sex, hmm?

So tell me, what comes to mind when you think of nasty sexual fantasies? Lots of things come to my mind, but the one that sticks out the most lately is incest phone sex. There’s just a special kind of naughtiness about family fun, isn’t there? It’s such a dirty feeling that you can’t really find it anywhere else.

When it comes to incest fantasies, I am not the least bit choosy about who I play with: Daddy, Mommy, Uncle, Aunt, brother, sister, cousin, Grandma, Grandpa, it doesn’t matter. Hell, let’s make it really exciting and invite them all. Maybe even the family dog, too. That’d make it REALLY interesting, LOL!

Don’t get scared now. You wanted a taboo phone sex loving girl, didn’t you? Well, now you’ve got yourself one. The only thing left for you to do is call me up and tell me just how nasty you wanna be!

US and Canadian callers dial: 1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)

UK callers dial: 0-808-101-2271

Taboo Phone Sex

Taboo Phonesex

Hello there, young man. I’m Tawnya. I saw you looking at me earlier and thought I would come and say hi to you.

Oh, don’t apologize for it. That’s silly. I’m a phone sex MILF. I’m used to that kind of thing. Besides, I think it’s flattering when a young man your age is so obviously sporting a hard-on for an older woman like me.

So tell me something. Do you like to roleplay? Oh, good! I’m happy to hear that because I do, too. What’s kind of roleplays do you like? Mmm, in my opinion, incest is best when it comes to roleplaying.

You like incest phone sex, too? My, my, it looks like we’ve got quite a bit in common, doesn’t it? I can’t tell you how excited that makes me….

Which do you prefer, sweetheart? Do you like it when an older lady like me pretends to be your Auntie? Or are you a bigger fan of Mommy phone sex? I can go either way. I find playing with my favorite nephew just as exciting as playing with my favorite son. What do you think?

I would love to act out any kind of naughty roleplay, as long as it involves my having your cock inside me before it’s all over….

US and Canadian callers dial: 1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)

UK callers dial: 0-808-101-2271

Pedo Phone Sex

Pedo Phonesex

Mmm, ageplay. It’s one of the most taboo of all taboo fantasies, and with good reason. It’s one of those things you *have* to roleplay because, well, you don’t have much of a choice if you like being a good, law-abiding citizen, LOL!

Luckily, you’ve got cute barely legal girls like me to help you out with that fantasy, so you’re really not missing out on anything. I’ve got an awesome young phone sex voice, a tight, cute body, and a mind that’s way dirtier than it should be at my age. So you’ll get everything you ever wanted and then some when you play with me.

I love talking to older men who like young girls. I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something about that whole thing that gets my heart racing and, if you play your cards right, my pussy wet. You can turn me into your sweet little slut who will give you anything you want if you do it the right way.

On the other hand, if you’re into having a less than willing partner, I don’t mind rape roleplays, either. You can just throw me on the bed and force your big cock inside my impossibly tight little pussy while I scream and struggle uselessly underneath you….

So what’s your pedo phone sex fantasy? You call me, Emily, and tell me anything!

US and Canadian callers dial: 1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)

UK callers dial: 0-808-101-2271

K9 Phone Sex

K9 Phonesex

You know, as a phone sex girl, I’ve done a lot of things I never thought I’d do. I guess a lot of girls probably say that, though, about their calls. But what they don’t say is how much they find out they *enjoy* it once they’ve tried it! ;)

Some girls just kinda go through the motions when it comes to the really taboo stuff. They’ll talk to you about it, but secretly, they can’t wait until it’s over because they find it so gross or whatever. I am NOT one of those girls.

Actually, I really like the super-dirty stuff. Like bestiality, for example. Guys seem so shocked when I tell them that, but I believe in being truthful. Once the shock wears off, they almost always like it.

Some guys want to see me doing it *ahem* doggie style. Then, on the other hand, some of them want to be the ones getting that canine cock and knot. Personally, I’m down for either one. Both are so deliciously naughty!

Do you have K9 phone sex fantasies? Well, I would love it if you would share them with me. Maybe we can even act them out together. That would be really cool.

Call me, Hayleigh, right now and tell me all your dirty little secrets!

US and Canadian callers dial: 1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)

UK callers dial: 0-808-101-2271

Scat Phone Sex

Scat Phonesex

Hey there, losers. I’m Roxy, and I’m looking for a few open mouths to use as my own personal toilet. Know where I could find some?

Of course you do. You little taboo phone sex sluts love it nasty, and there’s really not much in the world that’s nastier than that, is there? And you already know that you’re the lowliest of the low, so you wanna show it by degrading yourself as much as possible. That’s cool, I guess. Or if not cool, at least hilarious–for me, anyway.

So if you want some scat phone sex, then come over here and make yourself useful. Lie down on your back, and I’ll come sit on your face. I’ll let you lick my ass while I make myself comfortable and get relaxed enough to take a big shit right in your disgusting mouth.

Once I’m finished, you’re going to swallow it all like a good little toilet slave, right? If not, I’ll stomp your balls until they’re flat as a pancake. Understand? Good.

Now, if you want to be Mistress Roxy’s human toilet, you’re going to have to get your phone and call me. You won’t be able to have your brown lunch if you don’t, LOL!

US and Canadian callers dial: 1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)

UK callers dial: 0-808-101-2271

Anything Goes Phone Sex

Anything Goes Phonesex

What’s up, boys?

This is Violet. I’m a hot bratty Domme that’s going to make your dick harder than it’s ever been before…and then leave you with the bluest balls ever, LOLOLOL!

This teen phone sex Mistress has a ton of ways of doing just that, too. I’m an expert at teasing men like you. I know exactly how your minds work. Do you think girls like me aren’t fully aware of how you drool over us like the bunch of perverts you are?

But that’s all right because I can twist all your fucked up pedo phone sex fantasies around to my advantage. I’m actually 19, but if I pretended to be a little younger and showed off some of my assets, you’d be eating out of the palm of my hand. That’s when I go in for the kill.

I’m a hell of a prick tease, and men don’t know what to do with me. After just a few minutes with me, their heads start swimming with sexual desire. They realize that somehow they’ve lost control of the situation, but they can’t quite figure out how that happened. Then, they tell themselves not to worry about it because, after all, what can a little girl like me do to them?

And that’s their fatal mistake because this Femdom phone sex coed will use that heady mix of desire and confusion to weave a web of destruction for them to fall right into.

I’m sure you’re thinking “Oh, it can’t be that bad.” They all think that at first, sweetie. But soon, they learn the truth–just as you will.

Call me for anything goes phone sex, and I’ll show you just what I mean.

US and Canadian callers dial: 1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)

UK callers dial: 0-808-101-2271

Submissive Phone Sex

Submissive Phonesex

Hello, everyone! I’m Kanomi, an Asian phone sex girl who is here to please you in any way that I can!

Absolutely nothing makes me happier than serving dominant men. I am very submissive, and I know how much dominant men like submissive Asian girls. So I hope that you will find me pleasing in some way, Sir.

One thing that I feel certain will please you is that I am a no limits phone sex girl. That’s because I don’t feel that submissives should put limits on their behavior. That is only for my Master to do. You can certainly put limits on what I may or may not do, but I don’t think I should be the one to make the call for myself. I hope that is ok with you.

Indeed, I will do whatever I can to please you, even if it means humiliating, hurting, or debasing myself for you. I am always obedient if what you ask is within my power to do.

If you would like to, Sir, I would consider it an honor if you gave me a call. Kanomi would love to be your submissive phone sex girl for the night. I hope to talk to you soon.

1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)