Aunty Phone Sex

Aunty Phonesex

Are you an incest phone sex lover? I know I certainly am. It’s a wonderful fantasy to play out with sexy men just like yourself.

My personal favorite incest roleplay is Auntie phone sex. There’s a special bond between Aunt and nephew, don’t you think? And that special bond provides just the right amount of “taboo” to spice up our fantasy.

I intend to use our special bond to teach you all the things you need to know about sex. There’s nobody like your Aunty to teach you these things. It would be too awkward if Mommy taught you, after all. You need your younger Aunt to show you what boys have penises for and what girls like to do with them. ;)

And don’t worry, my dear, I will definitely show you. I’m going to teach you some lessons that you will never, ever forget!

Wouldn’t you like to have some no limits phone sex fun with your favorite Auntie, Aunt Serenity? Well, it’s quite simple. Just pick up your phone and dial the number below. Then, you’ll be enjoying your dirty little fantasy with Aunty in no time!

1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)

Ageplay Phone Sex

Age Play Phonesex

Hiya, boys! My name’s Brandy! Do you wanna have some taboo phone sex? I know I sure do!

The best part about this site is that when you call me or one of the other girls, you can totally talk about ANYTHING YOU WANT!!!! Isn’t that awesome? I mean, if I were going to give a phone girl a call, I wouldn’t wanna be bound by someone else’s stuffy old rules. And that’s one reason I’m here, you know? I wanna play at a place that I’d wanna call if I were a dude…and I wanna be the kind of phone girl I’d wanna call, too. ;)

Aaaaanyway…that brings me to what this post is about, my favorite taboo fantasy: Ageplay!

The reason that I love this fantasy so much is that I’m so good at it. I’m the kinda ageplay girl that I would wanna talk to if I were a dude who was into that kinda thing.

Why? ‘Cuz I sound super-young (way younger than I really am) and because age play is a personal fantasy of mine, too, so you know I’m not just pretending to be into this while I’m secretly sitting there on the other end of the line rolling my eyes and thinking, “What a freak!”

So, pedo phone sex pervs, why don’t you gimme a call and lemme show you what I got? I would LOVE to talk to you. :)

1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)

Anything Goes Phone Sex

Anything Goes Phonesex

Taboo phone sex is unquestionably the best kind of phone sex. After all, why call a phonesex line and talk about something you can get in real life? Blowjobs? Anal? Ho-hum.

No, we both know what you want. You want something that’s dirtier and nastier and more twisted than anything you can get in your everyday life. THAT is what you come here for, not some lame-ass next door neighbor roleplay.

You know what I’m talking about. I mean things like ageplay and incest phone sex. Or maybe both of them together. ;)

These are the kinds of things that both of us fantasize about. They’re things that cannot and should not be played out in real life, so we have to experience them in the best way possible, which is through taboo phone sessions.

I’m very experienced in these types of fantasies because I have them myself. I don’t think you’re a perv or anything. If I did, I’d have to include myself in that group, too. You’ll find that I’m very open-minded and accepting because I know what it’s like to go through life with these twisted fantasies that most people don’t have. It can be isolating if you don’t know the types of people who understand them.

But don’t worry. I totally understand.

All you have to do to make it happen is to call me, Aden. 1-855-SUCCUMB is the number for anything goes phone sex with someone who completely understands all your nasty desires.

Call me!

1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)

Escort Phone Sex

Escort Phonesex

When you think of a truly dirty phone sex experience, what’s the first thing that pops in your mind? Something twisted and nasty, the kind of thing you wouldn’t want to tell just anyone about? If so, then this is the place for you.

Now, that we’ve established that, I have a second question for you. When you think of that naughty scenario that we mentioned above, what kind of girl do you imagine yourself playing this fantasy out with?

Feel free to take your time thinking that one out. I’ll be glad to wait.

Do you have your answer? Great.

Tell me…was your answer “an escort phone sex girl”? If so, congratulations on your fantastic taste. If not, let me tell you why it should have been. ;)

You see, an escort like me has been around the block a few times, so to speak. She’s seen and done things that most women would never even imagine. So chances are, I’ve either DONE the thing you’re fantasizing about, or I’ve at least talked about it and created a very convincing fantasy about it if it’s not practical to actually live out in real life.

Want to see what I mean? Why not give me, Kandis, a call for some live phone sex? We’ll explore your nasty fantasies…together.

1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)

No Limits Phone Sex

No Limits Phonesex

Phone sex, like a whole bunch of other things in life, is really no fun if you just slap arbitrary limits on it. Fantasies should be anything goes!

And, basically, that’s what phone sex is, right? A form of fantasy? Since fantasy hurts no one, then it’s ok for us to talk about whatever we want. And, again, like many other things in life, there’s a certain appeal in the “forbidden” (that isn’t really forbidden when you talk to me, LOL!). That’s why taboo phone sex is super-popular!

So what counts as a “taboo” fantasy? Well, there are a ton of them, actually. Some of the biggies are ageplay and incest, but there are way more.

I have to admit, though, that I’m a huge fan of the two “biggies” up there! I don’t know if it’s my young phone sex voice or my obvious love for those fantasies or what, but the guys seem to really go for them with me, too. They say I make them uber-realistic, which is a real point of pride for me. Every roleplayer loves knowing she does the best job!

It probably doesn’t hurt that I totally get off on those calls, either. I don’t care what anyone says. Men recognize genuineness. And I’ve got it in spades when I’m doing no limits phone sex.

Want to find out? I think you should call me. We’ll make up a fantasy that’ll please both of us, and then we’ll get to work playing it out. Just dial 1-855-SUCCUMB and ask for me, Cali, and we’ll get going. Talk to you soon!

1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)

Mommy Phone Sex

Mommy Phonesex

Hello, hello. I sense that I’m in the presence of a fellow taboo phone sex lover. I certainly hope so, since you’ve managed to find your way to this website and all. But something tells me my first impression is not incorrect.

Let me tell you a little about me. Maybe that’ll help you get comfortable, so you can open up and tell me all about your taboo fantasies. I’m a phone sex Mommy who has a weakness for little boys. *Smiles* Hmm…your ears just seemed to perk up when I mentioned that!

There’s not much that is more taboo than a combination of ageplay and incest phone sex. Actually, I can’t think of anything that’s more taboo. A pedo phone sex Mommy is probably about as nasty as it gets. *Laughs*

But, oh, I do love my little boys. I don’t care if they’re teenage boys, schoolboys, or even ABDL phone sex boys. I don’t have much of a preference there. All I want is for them to be younger than I am and in need of a taboo Mommy.

Do you think you fit the bill?

Now that I’ve told you a little about myself, I want to hear all about you. I’m sure you’ve got all kinds of dirty little secrets hiding in that cute little head of yours. So why not give Mommy Nadia a call for some Mommy phone sex and confess each and every one of them to me, baby?

1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)

Incest Phone Sex

Incest Phonesex

Some taboo phone sex roleplays are just more fun than others. There’s no shame in it. It just is what it is.

Incest phone sex is one of those extremely fun roleplays! It goes along quite nicely with ageplay, of course, but it also works really well by itself. When it comes to hot taboo roleplays, it really doesn’t get a whole lot better, at least not in my book.

There are lots of incest roleplays that we can engage in, but I have to say that my favorite is Daddy/daughter. I make it my goal in life to be a good girl for Daddy, and I think that’s something you can appreciate. Right? ;)

Incest adds a whole new dimension to your everyday ageplay phone sex fantasy. Pretending to be the underage girl across the street is one thing. Pretending to be your underage *daughter* is something else altogether.

But like I said, incest is hot even without ageplay. And it’s one of those fantasies that, even when the ageplay element is removed, it’s still considered extremely taboo. I mean, no matter how old the participants are, incest is still something that’s very much frowned upon by people. So come and dive into the world of taboo phonesex with a super-hot incest fantasy with me, Caramel, your ebony hottie!

1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)

Taboo Phone Sex

Taboo Phonesex

Taboo phone sex comes in a lot of shapes and forms. And, lucky for you, I’m the kind of girl who appreciates all of them. My name’s Chelsea, by the way.

Because I am still a cute college coed, it shouldn’t be a big surprise that I REALLY like ageplay phone sex. For some reason, that fantasy just comes naturally to me. The boys love my young phone sex voice, and I like teasing them with it!

And with ageplay comes incest phone sex. Well, at least sometimes. When it does happen, it’s really hot!

I mean, can you think of a better way to make ageplay more taboo than for you to pretend to be my Daddy? I can’t. I think putting those two fantasies together make the roleplay even more realistic and intense…for both of us!

I have tons of other taboo fantasies as well, but if you want to hear about those, then you’ll have to give me a call! Plus, you can tell me all *your* taboo thoughts and desires, and I bet we can think up something so hot to roleplay together! Just call me now at 1-855-SUCCUMB for some live phone sex! Talk to you soon!

1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)

ABDL Phone Sex

ABDL Phonesex

Are you a little boy who needs to be taken care of by a strong and capable phone sex Mommy? Well, my dear, I am certainly strong and capable, and I would love to be your Mommy Renae.

If there is one type of boy I love more than any other kind, it’s a cute, sweet little adult baby boy. I love to feed and change little ABs and give them all the nurturing attention they could possibly ever want or need. I don’t think I can even begin to put into words how much I enjoy it.

Luckily, I don’t have to. The boys out there who need a diaper lover Mommy know exactly what I’m talking about because they feel the same way, only in reverse. They need a caring, sensual Mommy like me to take care of them just as much as I need a sweet AB to take care of!

If I am going to be your Mommy, I suppose you could even say it’s incest phone sex in a way. But that almost seems too crude a way to describe something so beautiful….

Regardless of what you want to label it, why don’t you pick up your phone now and call Mommy for some ABDL phone sex? I can’t wait to talk with you!

1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)

Ageplay Phone Sex

Age Play Phonesex

I don’t know about you, but I REALLY like roleplay phone sex. Why? I guess because it just allows me to be whoever I want to be at any given time and to act in any sort of way I want to act, at least for however long the fantasy lasts.

Even though I’m a teen phone sex girl (18 last month, baby!), I sometimes like to act younger than my age. It’s really naughty, I know, but it can also be really super HOTTTTT, too! I think that’s why I like ageplay so much. It means I get to do something I really like with someone else who just so happens to get off on it, too. ;)

Ageplay is for sure a taboo phone sex fantasy, but that’s why I like it! I bet that’s why you like it, too, huh? There’s just something really twisted about playing with a girl who’s pretending to be much younger than she is…when she’s already not that old to start with. *Giggles*

I wanna hear all about your ageplay phone sex fantasies. So why don’t you gimme a call and tell me all about ‘em? I bet we’ve got some in common…especially if yours happen to involve some incest, too. We’re gonna have so much fun together! Call me!!!!! And make sure to ask for me, Shelby!

1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)