Accomplice Phone Sex

Accomplice Phonesex

Ok, let’s be real. You didn’t come to a taboo phone sex site to find some boring old roleplay that you can find anywhere else on the fucking Internet. You came for something specific, something that you don’t find everywhere.

In fact, I bet you’re a dirty old pervert who has a thing for little girls. And you probably don’t go for little girls just because you want to make sweet, gentle love to them, either. No, you like little girls because you can overpower them and force them to take your big cock. Right?

Ha, don’t act all offended. I love playing with dirty old perverts because I’m a twisted fuck myself. I’m Marlow, and there’s not much I love more than a good accomplice roleplay.

Since we’ve been telling the truth this far, let’s continue doing so. I love fucked up fantasies, like rough, violent, twisted age play stuff. But, hey, I’m a little old to pretend to be your little girl or whatever. That’s not really my style, anyhow. I like to be the one doing the filthy shit, not the one having the filthy shit done to me.

So this is what I propose. Find yourself a hot teen girl on this site who brings out the pedo phone sex pervert in you. Then, call 1-855-SUCCUMB for a two-girl accomplice fantasy. I’ll help you hold that little bitch down, so you can force your dick inside her. I might even see if I can fist her ass while you fuck her. Or maybe I’ll sit on her face and piss inn her mouth. Wouldn’t you love to see your accomplice using your newest little fuck toy as a human toilet while you rape her?

Oh, don’t get scared now. That’s just a tiny peek inside my dirty, twisted mind. If you need an accomplice to assist you with all your ageplay, incest, and rape phone sex fantasies, then call on Marlow. I’m the ONLY one for you.

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