Ageplay Phone Sex

Age Play Phonesex

I don’t know about you, but I REALLY like roleplay phone sex. Why? I guess because it just allows me to be whoever I want to be at any given time and to act in any sort of way I want to act, at least for however long the fantasy lasts.

Even though I’m a teen phone sex girl (18 last month, baby!), I sometimes like to act younger than my age. It’s really naughty, I know, but it can also be really super HOTTTTT, too! I think that’s why I like ageplay so much. It means I get to do something I really like with someone else who just so happens to get off on it, too. ;)

Ageplay is for sure a taboo phone sex fantasy, but that’s why I like it! I bet that’s why you like it, too, huh? There’s just something really twisted about playing with a girl who’s pretending to be much younger than she is…when she’s already not that old to start with. *Giggles*

I wanna hear all about your ageplay phone sex fantasies. So why don’t you gimme a call and tell me all about ‘em? I bet we’ve got some in common…especially if yours happen to involve some incest, too. We’re gonna have so much fun together! Call me!!!!! And make sure to ask for me, Shelby!

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