Scat Phone Sex

Scat Phonesex

Hey there, losers. I’m Roxy, and I’m looking for a few open mouths to use as my own personal toilet. Know where I could find some?

Of course you do. You little taboo phone sex sluts love it nasty, and there’s really not much in the world that’s nastier than that, is there? And you already know that you’re the lowliest of the low, so you wanna show it by degrading yourself as much as possible. That’s cool, I guess. Or if not cool, at least hilarious–for me, anyway.

So if you want some scat phone sex, then come over here and make yourself useful. Lie down on your back, and I’ll come sit on your face. I’ll let you lick my ass while I make myself comfortable and get relaxed enough to take a big shit right in your disgusting mouth.

Once I’m finished, you’re going to swallow it all like a good little toilet slave, right? If not, I’ll stomp your balls until they’re flat as a pancake. Understand? Good.

Now, if you want to be Mistress Roxy’s human toilet, you’re going to have to get your phone and call me. You won’t be able to have your brown lunch if you don’t, LOL!

US and Canadian callers dial: 1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)

UK callers dial: 0-808-101-2271