Teen Phone Sex

Teen Phonesex

Heya, boys! How are you today? I hope you’re having a great fall ’cause I sure am!

My fall’s been going great for two reasons. One, I just got initiated into a sorority at my college, which was something I’ve always wanted to do! And two, your cheap phone sex calls, of course! :D

I totally just started doing this phone sex thing when I moved out of my parents’ house. I mean, I definitely don’t need Daddy finding out what I’m doing to make extra $$$ for the weekends. He thinks I’m working at the mall or something. But what I’m doing is way, way more fun than that! LOL!

I’m roleplaying with a lot of dirty men who love to get naughty with a sexy teen girl like me. Actually, speaking of roleplay, why don’t we pretend like YOU’RE my Daddy, and you catch me doing phonesex calls? Then, you could, like, spank me or something. An incest roleplay like that sounds amazing! ;)

There are a ton of other hot things you can do with this teen phone sex girl, too. It’s all in what turns you on.

So why don’t you give me a call? I bet we can come up with something that’ll get both of us off! All you have to do is dial the number below and ask for me, Tessa. :)

US and Canadian callers dial: 1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)

UK callers dial: 0-808-101-2271

Incest Phone Sex

Incest Phonesex

Some taboo phone sex roleplays are just more fun than others. There’s no shame in it. It just is what it is.

Incest phone sex is one of those extremely fun roleplays! It goes along quite nicely with ageplay, of course, but it also works really well by itself. When it comes to hot taboo roleplays, it really doesn’t get a whole lot better, at least not in my book.

There are lots of incest roleplays that we can engage in, but I have to say that my favorite is Daddy/daughter. I make it my goal in life to be a good girl for Daddy, and I think that’s something you can appreciate. Right? ;)

Incest adds a whole new dimension to your everyday ageplay phone sex fantasy. Pretending to be the underage girl across the street is one thing. Pretending to be your underage *daughter* is something else altogether.

But like I said, incest is hot even without ageplay. And it’s one of those fantasies that, even when the ageplay element is removed, it’s still considered extremely taboo. I mean, no matter how old the participants are, incest is still something that’s very much frowned upon by people. So come and dive into the world of taboo phonesex with a super-hot incest fantasy with me, Caramel, your ebony hottie!

1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)